Wellness Together Portal - A Valuable Resource for Families and Loved Ones

Hi everyone- I hope you are all well! 

I am excited to talk up (unsolicited) the Wellness Together Portal, recently launched by Health Canada which offers free e-mental health supports and virtual counselling services to Canadians.

Being the curious person I am, I immediately signed up to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to complete an assessment which provided instant feedback that hit the bullseye! I was then invited to explore three paths:

The first Mindwell- offers a step by step, easy to follow instructional program to train the brain to be calm, clear and focused!  In addition to the instructional program, the site offers weekly drop-in sessions and a library packed with instructional videos.  

The second, WellTrack recommended two courses: a 5 week one and a 6 week one to help boost my wellness.  I checked out week 1 modules for both and found the material easy to follow, relevant, useful and easy to integrate into my daily routine.  It also offers cool tools such as the The Zen Room, quizzes, Thought Diary, activity and assessment trackers.  There is so much to explore and use!  I especially like the mood checker/tracker which reminds me to “check in with myself.”  

Lastly and next on my To-Do list will be to check out the Tao application to see what it has to offer.  

The challenge (there is always one :)) is that you need to sign up, register and share some basic demographic info for the Wellness Together Portal, Tao and Wellness Tracker – so you will want to have an email and some passwords ready to use on hand.   

Bottom line though for me; the benefits offered from these free resources far outweigh any initial set up effort. My experience has been so positive, in fact, that I have already shared and talked it up (virtually of course) with immediate and extended family and am about to do the same with friends, colleagues, clients, and YOU! If you share my curiosity and check the resources out, please let me know what you think!  Also, if you share my enthusiasm, feel free to pass these along.

Be well!  

For info about, check out the:

Wellness Together Portal


Health Canada News Release 

Michèle Langlois 
President, Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorder