Practical ways to deal with difficult relationship situations that push our buttons

Date and time: September 20, 2022, 6:00-7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Registration: This family information and support group session is free and open to the public, however registration is required and limited space is available. This session is available in English only. Please click here to register.


Tony DeBono, Youth psychologist, The Royal Ottawa
Board member, Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorder (ON-BPD)

Michèle Langlois, President, Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorder (ON-BPD)
Project manager, Client and Family Resource Hub, The Royal Ottawa


Have you ever noticed that those closest to us can have the effect of “pushing our buttons” and sometimes bring out the worst in us? Join Tony and Michèle for what promises to be an informative and engaging 90 -minute workshop aimed to equip participants with practical tips and techniques to stay grounded and choose effective responses when facing difficult relationship situations and issues.

Tony is a clinical psychologist who works with children, youth, and their families to help improve their mental health. Tony has a particular interest in chronic emotion dysregulation and suicide prevention. Through his leadership role with AccessMHA, Tony is committed to improving client and family access to services when they most need it. Tony also serves in the community as board member of the Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorder (ON-BPD).

Michèle is a community leader in the area of mental health, substance use health and addictions. She is currently project manager implementing a client and family resource hub at The Royal. She also serves as president of ON-BPD - an organization dedicated to help families better connect with their loved ones. Michèle also serves as family cochair of AccessMHA’s client and family advisory team.