Helping Each Other Through COVID-19 - New Webinars

Ways to Support Ourselves and Our Loved Ones who have Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation

NEABPD is offering a webinar series to educate and provide skills to those struggling with a loved one who has characteristics of BPD and/or emotion dysregulation.  This is for people who have yet to participate in Family Connections™ or for those who need a refresher.

Interpersonal Effectiveness with Allison Moyel
Sunday, April 19th at 4pm EST

Learn the DEARMAN skill, the most effective way to make a request.

Advanced registration required. To register click here.

Managing Fear and Grief (in Ourselves and our Families) with Alan Fruzzetti, PhD
Friday, April 24 at 3pm EST

These are difficult times, filled with work, home, health, financial and other changes and challenges that we did not plan or mostly want; tremendous uncertainty; and lots of understandable emotional roller coasters. Given the risks and uncertainty, fear is frequently close by. We also face so many losses -- at the very least our routines, social connections, hopes and dreams, and possibly even the death of loved ones -- grief can be enormous. In this video presentation, Dr. Alan Fruzzetti will discuss individual, parent and family skills to help us all navigate these difficult times and the emotions that naturally come up for us regularly. Although challenging, managing fear and grief successfully and maintaining our connections to loved ones can reduce time we spend in the unnecessary suffering that anger, helplessness or hopelessness might otherwise bring.

Advanced registration required. To register click here.